11/10/10 Warmup Blogpost

I think that there should be rules when sending or sharing pictures of yourself on the internet. There are many people out there that can find you, and perhaps even be stalking you. You never know what is happening in the world and who is stalking someone. So that means, it is not okay to post images that are open to the public, but maybe if they had some secure way of keeping them away from other people then it would be good. The rules that there should be when posting images on the internet is making sure that they are secure in some way so that nobody that you don’t know is somehow looking at your pictures. Another rule that there should be is no posting disturbing pictures online because that can cause a lot of problems and somehow get around the world. I know you don’t want that happening. Unless your pictures is one you shot related to photography. Making sure that you use the right source or website could be another good rule that you should all take in mind. As long as you are not somehow taking someones photos or stealing them could be one way of having a rule. With all these rules put together you should take in mind that there are some nasty people in the world online, and could be looking for you or seeing your pictures. Know and learn how to be safe when it comes to pictures, movies, videos, even music. All those put together are ways that could be somehow stolen from you. So in that case, don’t be a bad person and steal someones own goods or products they created.

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