The World Is Flat, ” Reading Guide Questions” Q2 W2

Flattener #1 – In the story they were explaining how it was like the Berlin wall.  It wasn’t just blocking their way, but it was also blocking their sight and to think about the world as a single market. Even though it was balancing down everything and also separating, it was making more things worse and creating problems with anger.

Flattener #2- The second Flattener was about when Netscape went Public. It was the best new and one of the most used popular app that was on during that time. It sparked the internet boom and was part of computer, Internet history. It helped carry out digital information all around the world.  From this downloaded application, it turned into and helped create the DOT-COM. That was how it came about.

Flattener#3- The Third Flattener was when the XML and SOAP was the base foundation for technical programs. This boosted up our internet and helped out a lot. It not only just did that, but it also enabled Web applications to communicate with each other more. This started the WEB.

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