1st SEMESTER!!! :O

My goals that I was hoping to accomplish did not go through that well. I think that i was still sort of slacking and that resulted me in getting bad grades. This new semester will be the start of something new. Better



grades , new attitude, better school appearance. I feel that this school is a bit challenging than other high schools, but what do you expect?! Its a magnet high school that you are supposed to be challenged with harder learning skills. I am grateful to be in this school and i enjoy it very much. Things that i hope to accomplish this year would have to be getting better grades and stop slacking at everything. Doing that will do me no good and just get me in trouble and possibly kicked out of this school, which i would never want to happen. This second semester should be the one where i will have Straight A’s and will not be worried if i am going to fail a class or not. As long as i change up the way I act, i should be able to work everything out and fulfill my needs and accomplishments for this Second semester! 😀

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