Meursaults Moral Developments

I feel that Meursault is a man that is very confused with his life. He doesn’t care in the direction its going and the actions he does. The way that he expresses himself is very plain and straight forward. Living with an absurdist point of view, it is difficult to find himself trying to act normal.


Throughout the whole year, each quarter differed. They all had their difficulties and has changed me in many ways. This third quarter for me was alright. I had some struggles here and there with grades, but i eventually brought them up. Things that i can do to stay motivated during the fourth quarter would be staying on task with my homework. Making sure that i am not fooling around like the other three quarters i have been in.
i know i can do it. 😀

Kind or clever… What do you think? O:

Jeff Bezo’s grandfathers advice given to him was ” its harder to be kind than clever”.

It was the right thing to use at the right situation that happened. Being kind about something that you do not like could be hard at times, unless you trick them.

One example about that would be how I did not like that my uncle gambles too much. That is one of the major reasons why they are becoming bankrupt. If he wouldn’t have started to get addicted to gambling everything would be fine. I tried so many times to make change his mind about gambling, and that you are not going to win jackpot every single time you go there. It is basically just throwing your money down the drain.. Things in life can hit you harder than you would expect it to be. It is just a matter of choosing the right decision. So… like the quote, It is harder to just come straight forward at what they are doing than being mean and making a comeback at what they did.

oh no….

Japan’s recent tragedy that happened is causing some problems for the ipad 2. Their product is sort of affected in a way because of Japans supply. They do not have that much left and could only supply probably three months from now. That is definitely not enough… Their problem is how is japan going to be able to get their products and supplies in need for the Apple Ipad 2. Supply exchanges can get screwed up if some tragedies happen. We hope for the best for Japan so they can get everything back and running like usual.

Technology’s impact on us..

There are so many technology companies that create money like Facebook, twitter, ETC.. They are going to donate money from purchases made on games or things they buy from that company. Japan’s disaster that happened is still trying to be treated and taken care of. New technology now that is being created can help find victims from the horrible earthquake and tsunami.
They are now using robots to find some victims and they just roam around all of the debris everywhere. We would be nowhere without technology…..


All of the information on the Wikipedia site about the Sendai Earthquake was used from news reports and actual people. Sendai had to suffer through the horrible earthquake including the Tsunami washing away EVERYTHING…
This IS one of the WORST earthquakes that the world has ever had. The researchers creating this new wiki all had to collaborate and add in more information as time goes by. Another reason why this wiki page was created so quickly.. There are so many people that keep adding content about sendai and what happened. All we can do now is donate and hope for the best for Japan…

Reflection of my Poetry Glog

Overall, i think that we did pretty good for our glog. In the beginning we both sat there wondering.. What in the heck does this poem mean? It was strangely spaced out and one word stazas. After a while overthinking the poem, things god easier to understand and we finished our glog. During the time working on it we had fun. I just hope that next time we actually do work and be progressive instead of waiting till last minute… O:

A poem Life….

This poem Valentine for Ernest Mann is basically saying that you can make a poem out of the little things in life. They guy that gave his a wife two skunks was not thinking about how it stinks. OR anything else. It was the eyes…. They had such beautiful eyes that he wanted to give to his wife for a sign of love. He made something ugly to something beautiful… The poem theme at the end is saying that you can change whatever you want whenever you want. Make something bad to good 😀